Deciphering chiral information at different length scales “HANDS”

  July 29-August 1, 2024, Villa del Grumello, Como, Italy

Chirality is a fundamental and vital asymmetric property in chemistry, biology, physics and materials science. The ability to operate molecular-level machines and macroscopically functional devices, or to fine-tune properties of materials, may address key challenges at the heart of the physico-chemical sciences. However, the transfer of chirality at different length scales, from the nano-, micro- and macro-scale, is largely not well understood.

The school aim to provide an overview on strategies, instruments, and methodologies for possible design, synthesis, identification, quantification and separation of chiral molecules, which are a fascinating subject from the fundamental point of view, as well as of great applicative importance in many frontier research fields, from synthetic and analytical chemistry to materials science. Guidelines will be presented for the development and implementation of highly efficient chiral selectors like (bio)molecules, materials and media focusing on enantioselective separation techniques, chiroptical spectroscopies, and recent achievements based on (chiral) bipolar electrochemistry, (chiral) micromotors and microfluidics.

A beautiful location

Lake Como School of Advanced studies is located c/o Fondazione Alessandro Volta in the beautiful setting of Villa del Grumello, in Como, Italy

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